BTC Mixer Review

Btc mixer is a service that mixes user’s bitcoins with those of other users, jumbles them up and redistributes them to multiple output addresses. This process helps to protect users from cluster analysis, quantitative analysis and more by obscuring their transactions with randomised data. Mixers typically charge a fee for their services.

While mixing bitcoins is often associated with illicit activities, it’s actually a perfectly legitimate tool for those who want to maintain their privacy and anonymity on the blockchain. The fact that anyone can search the blockchain and link an address with a person’s real-world identity makes it easy to track the flow of money from an individual’s wallets to and from their bank accounts. Mixers break this link by scrubbing the transaction history of an address and mixing its coins with those of others, making it almost impossible to track where a person’s bitcoin came from and where it went to.

Unlike some other services, Coinomize doesn’t keep logs or record the user’s IP address, making it one of the more secure btc mixers to use. It also offers flexible fees and transfer delays that allow you to align your anonymity preferences with your budget.

It has a simple and user-friendly interface and supports up to 5 additional output addresses. The service fee is a very reasonable 0.5% of the deposit amount and 0.0001 BTC for each extra address. This mixer is also decentralized, which means that there’s less risk of it being hacked or run by a central authority.

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