Best Breast Pumps for Busy Moms

If you pump frequently, look for a breast pump with high-quality components that are comfortable and easy to use. This will help you get the most out of each pumping session and ensure that your pumping experience isn’t a frustrating one. Consider where you’ll be using your pump most often (at home or work, on the go) and how much power you want. The Haakaa Gen 1 wearable pump, the Elvie Stride and the manual Lansinoh Pump in Style are great choices for busy moms who need to be mobile while they’re pumping.

In our testing, this double electric pump earned top marks for its quiet operation, thanks to a design that keeps the motor away from your body. It also has a customizable app that lets you set and monitor your settings and track how many ounces you’ve expressed. Its closed system makes it easier to clean, as the flanges don’t come in contact with the milk.

This portable pump is the smallest and lightest in our test. Its lightweight flanges tuck into your bra to collect the milk and connect to the battery via short tubes. It’s a great option for hands-free pumping while walking around the house or working, though some of our testers found the design uncomfortable and were unable to adjust the flanges enough for a comfortable fit. best breast pumps

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