Ambience Table Lamps: Make the Right Environment in Your Dwelling with Table Lamps

Ambience table lamps are making a comeback as the ultra-cool design accessory in the shabby chic decorating trend. So, consider getting into that attic or digging out that crawl space to unearth those antique table lamps that your grandma left to you.

Ambience table lamps may seem old-fashioned, like something you might find at your grandma’s house, but these subtle lights are making a comeback with the shabby chic and cottage chic trend that’s quickly gaining in popularity.  

For five ways you can incorporate table lights into your decorating to create mood, character and coziness in your space, keep reading.

Lighting for the Living Room

Two ambience table lamps on either end of your living room sofa will not only provide a soft and inviting glow, but also serve as functional lighting. If one member of your family wants to knit or read while another wants to watch TV, a table lamp can provide subtle task lighting without interfering with the television.

Get matching lights and lamp shades that blend in well with your existing home décor. You want your table lamps to blend in with the room, not stand out in contrast.

Kid’s Room Nightlight

For a bedside lamp, use a basic table lamp. They offer subtle and soft lighting that’s perfect for bedtime stories, lighting before and after a nap or when mom is up nursing in the middle of the night and doesn’t want to turn on the overhead light.

Children who are afraid of the dark will also appreciate the subtle light that’s provided by a bedside table lamp that can also be switched off from the bed rather than the wall outlet.

Task Lighting

Table lamps are great for task lighting. Anywhere you need directed and focused lighting that’s close to your work surface, a table lamp can do the job and reduce strain on your eyes. If you’re using a table lamp for task lighting, look for one that has a flexible head and neck, thus allowing you to direct the light on to your work surface.

Design and Decorative Purposes

A light doesn’t always have to totally utilitarian – it can be decorative too. Fancy or antique table lamps are beautiful accent pieces for a formal dining room, living room or bedroom. They’re also practical, offering a soft and romantic glow.

Office Lighting

Ambience table lamps on an office desk can significantly reduce your electricity costs and actually be better for your eyes. Rather than straining to read your monitor under the glare of harsh overhead lighting, table lighting provides low, angular lighting that illuminates your work surface, but not your monitor.  Table lamps

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