A Brief History of Lawyer Hattingen

Lawyer Hattingen is a top-notch team of experienced lawyers ready to help you deal with all your legal concerns. They handle everything from the smallest details to high stakes litigation, and have a deep understanding of how the law works in today’s complex and ever-changing world. Whether you are an individual or a business, their team of lawyers will ensure your rights are protected and provide advice that helps you achieve your goals.

Lawyers are responsible for the development, enforcement and administration of laws. They explain how government agencies make decisions, and also defend and challenge those decisions. An attorney can assist you with many areas of the law, including employment, real estate, family, immigration, business and criminal matters. They can help you choose the best form of business for your situation and draft articles of association, rules of procedure and shareholder agreements. They can also advise on zoning and land use issues, and provide title insurance policies.

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The river Ruhr is opened as a navigable waterway, opening up new possibilities for Hattingen’s industry. Coal mining is especially important, and the first coal mine at Wulfingstraße is established. Hattingen joins the “Arbeitsgemeinschaft der Historische Stadtkerne in Nordrhein-Westfalen” (historical city centres in North Rhine-Westphalia), and Blankenstein becomes part of the community in 1992.

With the onset of industrialisation, the city’s economy grows significantly. Count Henrich von Stolberg-Wernigerode buys 76 Morgens of land from the manor of Bruch in Welper and builds the ‘Henrichshutte’ steel mill. Hattingen’s population doubles. The ‘Henrichshutte’ became the most important workplace in the region for over 135 years.

In the course of WWII, the allied bombers target the town of Hattingen 1292 times. The sirens of the air raid warning system sound for the first time. The Industrial-Museum Henrichshutte is inaugurated and reminds the visitors of the town’s rich metal working tradition. The ‘Reshop-Carre’, a shopping mall with 11,500 m2, is opened. The Junior-band ‘Nurso’ wins the Bravo-Supershow and takes home the prize for best school band in Germany. Hattingen elects its first female mayor, Dr. Dagmar Goch. Anwalt Hattingen

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